Sunday, April 2, 2023

If A Woman Loves Herself, She Will Stick To What God Gave To Her – Actress Gloria Young Drags Ladies Doing Cosmetic Surgery

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Gloria Young, the veteran Nigerian actress, is of the opinion that women who undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve a curvy look do so to impress others.

In a new interview, she said, “They are trying to impress others. I don’t understand what they mean by ‘they are doing it for themselves’. If a woman loves herself, she will stick to what God gave to her and make the best out of it. Dress appropriately.

“I have actually stopped a few of my colleagues from ‘going under the knife’. It is totally wrong. It will become a habit which will be hard to stop. Also, it is money going down the drain which could be used for something else. There are many hungry people out there, yet these women are using that money to give themselves extra butt. That is their business anyway.”

Responding to a question on actresses who ‘work’ on their bodies to boost their careers, Young said, “I have always been a big person and it has never stopped me from working. I am still working on my weight because of my health. I may be getting more elderly women’s roles now but it is because I am not a small girl. In this day and age, people must realise that there are roles for everybody. But, we are in the glamour age where everyone wants to look slim.

“The camera has to like the actress, including the producers and directors. So, it may seem like they prefer slimmer people. However, one also needs to be talented to stay up there (in their career). It is not just about looks but also what one can deliver.”

Speaking on the criticisms that some entertainers have got for campaigning for politicians in the forthcoming elections, the actress said, “I really don’t want to talk about politics. I feel if I veer towards a particular side, I have a social responsibility to my fans. The only thing I can say to people who watch me and love my work is that they should get their permanent voter’s cards, and be sure of who they are voting for.”

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