Ibidunni Ighodalo PostHumously Covers MRH’s June Issue

Late Ibidunni Ighodalo’s life was one worth imitating and celebrating and so, even in her death, she is the cover star of MRH’s June magazine.
MHR, shared a series of her pictures on its Instagram page, celebrating how Ibidunni Ighodalo had been a blessing to the media and people from far and wide.Ibidunni Ighodalo PostHumously Covers MRH's June Issue
Media Room Hub “Our June edition cover @mediaroomhub_ is out and as a tribute, we have on it the CEO of @elizabeth_r_empire and the founder of @ibidunniighodalo foundation, late Ibidunni Ighodalo. This cover picture was used for her when l did her first interview ever on the cover of @Thisdaystyle exactly 13 years ago, l was able to find some of the pictures online. It took me a couple of months to convince her to do the interview and the photography was done by another friend of mine @tybello. We all became close friends. Ibidun became busy and big in her industry but she kept in touch and sometimes we talked even as late as 3am.”Ibidunni Ighodalo PostHumously Covers MRH's June Issue
At the beginning of the lockdown lbidun transferred money to me and all her media friends to go food shopping. A couple of days before her demise lbidun transferred money to me again , what a way to say good bye? She never forgot l was a single parent and was always concerned about my daughter. She adores children with so much sweetness. I could eulogise her well spent life in countless pages and still have more to say. #Ibidunlghodalo was the reason why many didn’t give up on life. She was the reason why many couples became parents and why a lot of people have food on their tables today.”
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She gave everyone far and near, financial, spiritual and emotional support. She would happily and freely empty her pockets to make someone smile. She was so full of love. She was beautiful in and out. She gave herself all in the service of others. The mother of two was such a gentle soul and never wanted the limelight even though it kept chasing after her. Thus, June 14th, 2020 definitely came as a surprised to everyone when she was announced dead. So here’s to celebrating the life of #Ibidunlghodalo today and forever because her impact in our lives is timeless . Rest in peace angel. You lived!“, MHR captioned.
Ibidunni Ighodalo PostHumously Covers MRH's June Issue
Ever happy Ibidunni Ighodalo
Ibidunni Ighodalo PostHumously Covers MRH's June Issue
Ibidunni Ighodalo posthumously covers MRH’s June Issue
Photos Credit: Instagram

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