‘I Won’t Apologise For Having A Great Body’- Anita Joseph Fires Friend For Gossiping

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has slammed an unidentified friend for gossiping about her behind her back. The star took to her Instagram page to reveal that some of her friends were saying bad things about her over videos she shares on Instagram. According to her, the unidentified friends disproved of her “showing off her body” on Instagram. Anita went on to add that she would not apologize for having such a great body as she added that her friends are jealous of her and want her body badly.
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She said: “Some one that I know somewhere  Sat and discussed me with some peopl How I make Videos and show my body. Your lucky I don’t even do it naked. That same body you want so so bad, Am not gona apologise for having a great body at all… Am actually a better persn than you. You gossip me behind and come to me and blow me cool breeze !! Ndi aruruala !! Shame on you .. my God found you out .. And again am a better persn than you are. You just prefer to do urs hiding oshi. And you know this so get the fuck outta here.”Photo Credit: Getty


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