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I Was Raped At 15 – Actress Padita Agu Recounts Experience

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Nollywood actress Padita Agu has shared more of her experiences and ordeals and this time, it is about her rape story.
The actress had come to limelight recently when she revealed how she had gotten married to her ex-husband just at the first sight. She had been talking to him over the phone and according to her, he cajoled her into lying to her parents, going to the alter with him without ever seeing him before.
In a recent vlog on her Youtube page, Padita Agu revealed that she was raped at the age of 15 when armed robbers busted her parent’s house. She disclosed that the experience was so horrible and she had no therapy or someone to talk her through it.
I was raped at 15. We were attacked by armed robbers in the house and I got raped. That was my first experience and it was horrible. I had no therapy. Nobody talked to me or talked me through it. I just lived with it and dealt with it myself. I didn’t know how to deal with. I just carried on with life from that point. My sex life was messed up until I got married. Before I got married, I told my would-be husband the challenge I had. He said there was no problem and he would walk me through it.
When we got married, my then-husband just got me a book to read and figure myself out. It was a big issue for me. I got frustrated at some point because he was always not happy about it, too. I was depressed for most times because of this. I didn’t know what to do. I tried practising what I read in the book I was given but it was not working. So one day, out of frustration, I reached out to a woman who sold food items not too far from where I lived back then. I started telling her my frustrations with sex.
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She told me she was once like that before and told me the simple things she did. She told me that whenever she was having sex, she would begin to moan and give the husband the impression that she was enjoying it. Whatever he does to her, she would heighten it. At the beginning, she was just acting it up but after a while, she realised that she was beginning to feel the things she was acting. What I picked from that was that words are powerful.
When she started saying those words, she didn’t mean them; she was just saying those things for him to enjoy it. Later, her words became her reality and she started enjoying sex. I learnt from her and began to put into practice what she said. At first, it didn’t look like it was working but I kept on doing it and the story is different today
“, she said.
Actress Padita Agu Opens Up On Getting Married At 1st Sight
Nollywood actress Padita Agu
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