I Was Fat-Shamed, Called A Dstv Remote – Waje Says As She Shares Social Media Bullying Story

Talented Nigerian singer Waje has revealed how she was body shamed and bullied on social media five years ago. The popular artiste disclosed in an interview with Dang Monologue that she received major backlash over her gained weight in 2013. She further shared that she was booked to perform at a live show that year and on arriving at the location, the management altered their agreement with her and requested she performed using a CD. wajeThis she recalled got her trending on social media, however for the wrong reasons as she was body shamed. According to her, some people called her out saying she looks like a DSTV remote control. This she said hurt her deeply as she wept uncontrollably and got mad at everyone around her. In her words she said “I never used to think that I was good looking, having a great body or anything like that. I needed validation so when social media came, it was a no brainier, great pictures, comments, I felt like I had hit the jackpot and then the bubble bust and then I realised that some people follow you to point out everything wrong with you. Let us go back to 2013, Waje four nominations world music awards, just released an album and I was on top of my game, everywhere I went people wanted to say hi or I love your songs. “So I thought this faithful day was that kind of a day, I was billed to perform understanding that I have a great voice and just wanted another opportunity to show case myself and talent with live music but the organizers told me there was no space for that. I felt out of place and was already mad at my management for not sorting that out but I was like we needed the money, so I agreed and then I got back and there was a band and was suddenly depressed. The crowds were in their thousands and it was my time to perform, everybody was expectant, ready to hear Waje do her thing but they did not know that I was not in my element, I had to use a CD to perform and did not like that. I felt depressed because I gave people what they had not bargained for but after my performance, I was trending on social media but for the wrong reasons. They hated my performance, I was dying to hear someone say that I did not have to try so hard to be perfect, that was enough and it was okay. I was fat shamed and one person actually said I looked like a DSTV remote control. I won’t lie I cried I felt really bad.Photo Credit: Getty


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