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“I Was Barely 14 When I Lost My Virginity In My Father’s House” – Cynthia Morgan

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Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan has revealed that she lost her virginity at the tender age of 14.

cynthia morgan

Recall that the singer blasted her father, requesting a DNA sample and criticising his dishonest behaviour of putting worldly ambitions ahead of her suffering.

Taking to her Instagram story, she continued by sharing details of other horrific events from her past, such as losing her innocence, having a tense relationship with her father, and being deceived by family members.

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Cynthia Morgan disclosed that when she was still residing at her father’s home, she lost her virginity at the age of 14. She recounted how her brother and half-sister had conned her into participating in an experiment.

This incredibly terrible encounter left Cynthia mentally wounded and made her question her relationships with her family. She explained how her father came back to her life in 2016 to finish her off while wondering what she had done to her family.

She wrote, “I was barely 14 when I lost my virginity in my fathers house because my half sister and brother decided to be using me for sexual experiment… this shit went on for months till I was able to tell my mum it sure didn’t stop there because they hated me for telling my mum and went on to start bullying me in school and telling their friends to not befriend me and always pick on me so they can beat me. I went through all this as a teen.

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“And mind you all this would have been a thing of the past if this man didn’t come back into my life in 2016 to finish what him and his children started.

“Obviously the plan has always been to kill me. Because for real what have I done to you people?”

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