Saturday, September 30, 2023

I Started Hook-up At 19, Used By Boyfriend For Ritual At 2022- Lady Recount

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Young lady narrates her life experience after spending her teenage age doing hook -up and ending up being used for ritual by a yahoo boy.

According to a narration anonymously shared with a Twitter user identified as @folasheycrown22, the lady dumped her boyfriend for hook up.

The business was good and did not need her boyfriend anymore despite having a child together. Life, however, happened fast when she met a yahoo boy at the age of 22

“Hello DIVINE When I was younger, about 17, I usually mingled with those older than me. I was taught so many bad things, and I was introduced to lesbianism too. But later, when I was around 19, one sister in my hood introduced me to hookups.

Even though I had a guy who really loved me so much, I got pregnant for him. He was ready to marry me. He begged and begged. I was a hotcake, then I made a lot of money on hookups. When my baby turned 2 months old, I went back to my hookup business and left my baby with my mom. I got raped on a bachelor’s day; it was nothing to me.

When my baby daddy heard of it, he took me to the hospital for flushing. He really took care of me; he was so in love with me, but I was not ready to quit my hookup business. When baby clocked 6 months, my baby daddy bought me a car and begged me again to marry him. I said no.

He sent 250k every month to me for upkeep and opened a very big hairdressing shop for me. But I can’t leave hookups like that; I’m so addicted. My baby daddy later traveled out to the UK. We were supposed to be together, but because I didn’t accept his marriage proposal, he left and was still sending upkeep to me and my baby.”

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