I See So Many Babies Going Into Marriage – Blessing Okoro Reacts To Mercy Chinwo’s Wedding Thanksgiving Sermon

Blessing Okoro

Controversial relationship blogger/therapist, Blessing CEO has talked about being single, stating that marriage is tough.

She said this while sharing a video of gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo‘s wedding thanksgiving sermon on her Instagram page.null

According to the pastor, many are carried away by the illusion of love and fail to realize that love is enough to sustain a marriage.

The mother-of-2 made reference to the sermon as one of the key reasons she is still single.

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“This message reminds me of why I am still single and happy .

Thank you to this pastor it’s been a long time a pastors preaching moved my spirit ..

My awareness as a relationship therapist is what has kept me grounded and focused.

Many of you have illusion about love, that’s why we watch relationships and marriage go down everyday and has become a joke .

Everybody say I don’t like stress, I don’t want to work , u want soft life, baby gal life, and I laugh so hard yet they want marriage and love .

Listen to me marriage and relationship is work so much hard work and intensional effort. I see so many babies going into marriage and I laugh so hard

Marriage is tough,and until you realize that how you feel for people is a lie you will put in effort to sustain what you have not what you feel .
Feelings change everyday with circumstances.

Love is how you CHOOSE to treat people not what you FEEL for people..
(Intensional and conscious effort)blessing okoro

Until I find that man who shares the same school of thought with me, I am so sorry my lover I will remain single and productive instead of become an embarrassment again to the institution of marriage…

Marriage don’t trill me because I know so much that happens behind closed doors.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful thing God created but marrying wrong is the most bitter thing to happen to you .

I get crase but I get morals,standard and boundaries..

When will you get married still remains noise to me because the people who constantly ask these questions know nothing about marriage.

Good night lovers

blessing okoro

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