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“I Paid Him £75,000 Not To Say That He Was Gay”- John Fashanu

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John Fashanu revealed that he payed his brother £75,000 to stay quiet about his sexual personality.

Football legend, John Fashanu made a revelation about the circumstances surrounding the death of his late brother, Justin in an interview.Fashanu revealed that he payed his gay brother £75,000 to stay quiet about his sexual personality. Justin who played for Norwich and Nottingham Forest in the 1980s committed suicide in May 1998 at the age of 37. Fashanu admitted that he acted like a “monster” to his older brother as the 20th anniversary of his death approaches. He implored the Football Association to support gay footballers and tackle racial abuse.
The former Aston Villa and Wimbledon striker had this to say in a breakfast show in London, “I make it very clear I was a monster to Justin then. I paid him £75,000 not to say that he was gay. I was looking at the situation around us and my mother had cancer and was dying, and the rest of the family couldn’t understand the situation. We didn’t know what to do, the best thing I thought what to do was to keep it quiet.” According to reports, Justin was the first black footballer to receive a £1million transfer fee when he moved from Norwich to Nottingham forest 1981. Justin publicly declared himself gay in 1990 and played for nearly 20 clubs before finally retiring in 1997. Fashanu added that since Justin died, there are no open gay footballers in England but he knows some popular footballers that are gay.
The ex-England player went further to say, “they know their empires will be destroyed. It is supporters, administrators … not so much the players, because they know who is gay and who is not gay. They give each other support, but it is quite gentle support. We are pushing the FA needs to create an environment where gay footballers are comfortable to come out and say: ‘I’m gay. He said he had been a victim of racist abuse at a recent Premier League match, “A gentleman came up to me and said, ‘You black so-and-so and your brother’s this and this.”Photo Credit: Getty

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