Saturday, December 10, 2022

‘I Look So Fly’- Bisi Alimi Says As He Celebrate 15 Years Of Living Healthy With HIV

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Gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi is celebrating his 15 years of being diagnosed with Human Immuno-deficiency Syndrome. Alimi revealed that he was diagnosed 15 years ago but began taking his medications ten years ago and is now living a healthy life. He advised his followers to take a test and begin their medication if the result were positive. He wrote: “Here is to mark 15 years of my #HIV diagnosis and 10 years of being on medication, and I still look so fly! Please watch this message, share this message, take a test and safe a life. Thank you.” In another post he said: “I can go on and say much more, like appealing you to please donate to the work of Bisi Alimi Foundation, and letting you know;1- HIV knows no sexuality; it doesn’t care if you are;
Gay, straight, male, female, Trans, tall, short, white, black, Asian; if you are exposed, there are chances you will get infected.
2- Like taking a test is the best way to know and adhering to your medication is the best way to stop the virus.
3- That U actually equals U, but that’s if you know, on treatment and in good health.
4- That you can live a long healthy life with HIV.
5- That holy water, anointing oil and other falsehood you have been sold won’t cure HIV
6- That there is no cure yet, but it is on its way.
7- I love you
8- That thank you to my husband Anthony Davis for being the most amazing man.
9- That please donate to Bisi Alimi Foundation.Photo Credit: Getty

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