‘I Get Most Of My Work Done On The Toilet’ Gabrielle Union Gets Down To Earth In The Cut Magazine’s Latest Issue

Actress Gabrielle Union is absolutely radiant in The Cut magazine’s latest edition as she talks about everything completely from her book, “We Are Going to Need More Wine” to her husband, Dwayne Wade, her infertility issues and a whole lot more and she was frigging honest. Styled by Thomas Christos Kikis and photographed by Tim Zaragoza who was assisted by Nigel Ho Sang, Ivory Serra, Union strike elegant posses dressed in chic ensembles. Her hair was worked on by  Larry Sims for Smooth ‘n Shine at Forward Artists while her makeup was handled by Renny Vasquez at IMPAQ Beauty.On trying to conceive through IVF and why she decided to write about her fertility struggles: I’m in the rooms with the women and there is such a shroud of secrecy and shame, I mean, there’s back entrances, there are people who will come get you from your car with an umbrella. The idea of being found out, like going to a fertility doctor? Oh my god, the jig is up.
People are thinking, she married this young guy and her sh*t doesn’t work. Awww. Awww, and he had that baby with somebody else. Awww. Bet it really hurts. That kind of sh*t. I’d rather be the guinea pig and speak about the process to demystify it if you’re going to stick a microphone in my face, I might as well save at least a few of us if I can.On her husband Dwayne Wade using his platform for good: I have to make sure my spouse is up front and stays up front and is well versed in everything and stays vocal and stays in a place of leadership on everything. Sports-related, not-sports-related, father-related, black-people-related, black-father-related, men-over-30-check-your-prostate-related. There’s a huge amount of pressure to influence, shape, force, control.
On how she had to fight to show a black woman on the toilet on Being Mary Jane: I know I get most of my work done on the toilet. She needs to sh*t. Because I’ve been waiting for Olivia Pope to sh*t for many seasons now. I need to see her playing Words With Friends, Candy Crush, something on the toilet. Reading Baller Alert, I dunno. But something. To show, like, the 360 degrees of real people. Shitting is so normal and so relatable. Everybody sh*ts.Photo Credit: The Cut Magazine


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