I Did Not Call For A Military Takeover – Ike Ekweremadu

I Did Not Call For A Military Takeover - Ike Ekweremadu 1
Ike Ekweremadu, the deputy Senate President, has made it known that he never asked that there be a military takeover. Recall last week, Ekweremadu and the Nigerian military were in the news following Ekweremadu cautioning of Nigerian politicians from fighting each other. He added that when a political environment is unstable, such instability gives rise to the military, making them take over. This prompted the Nigerian army to issue a statement saying they are solidly behind the Buhari-led administration and have no plans of carrying out a coup. Addressing his statement at a dinner party organized for parliamentarians by the Bayelsa state governor, Seriake Dickson, over the weekend, Ekweremadu said; ”Before I close, let me just tell you one unfortunate incident that happened last week. We had one of our colleagues from Kogi who was hosting a constituency briefing and empowerment. He alleged that the government sponsored thugs to come and chase away people and destroy the programme and equipment he bought for his people. We condemned such acts, especially where in a particular case, the property of a parliamentarian was destroyed. We condemned a case whereby parliamentarians were stopped from holding meetings and where a parliamentarian was stopped from coming to a state where he was governor for eight years.I Did Not Call For A Military Takeover - Ike Ekweremadu 2 We warned that it was this kind of reckless abuse of power and impunity that scuttled our democracy earlier, especially in the first republic and I cautioned that politicians should not take things for granted. Of course, some people took it out of context and said I was calling for a military coup. I never called for a military coup. I never said the military was planning any coup. If you read some parts of the military statement, they admitted that my statement and contribution were only cautionary and that we were sincere, but they went as far as saying that the international community should ignore me. I am not asking for an apology , I am only asking for understanding. I hold the Nigerian army and the armed forces in high regard. They are some of the best in Africa. They have defended our democracy, our people and have acquitted themselves in every assignment. So, I am indeed very proud of them. I am one of those people who believe that even our NYSC should be restructured to include some form of military training because they can bring the necessary discipline that can help advance the values of our system. So, I have no reason why l should degrade our military. If they need anything now, it is encouragement because this is not the best of times for them. So, I call on all Nigerians to give them the necessary encouragement. But we do hope that when parliamentarians make statements, they (military) should be able to know exactly what they said before reacting.” I Did Not Call For A Military Takeover - Ike Ekweremadu 3 Photo Credit: Getty


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