Wednesday, September 28, 2022

I Can’t Marry You Because Your P*nis Is Too Big – Woman Turns Down Proposal Over Boyfriend’s Manhood

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A Ghanaian has disclosed that she decided to flee from a man she had met online due to his large penis size that she could not withstand.

The beautiful woman gave the narration in an interview on Kumasi-based Akoma FM. According to her, she was hooked up with the man online by a third party before they started communicating and he expressed interest in marrying her.

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The man then suggested that they make a video call and she agreed, which gave her the opportunity to set her eyes on the package she was signing up for.
After examining the physical physique of the man, she was convinced that he was her type of man but little did she know that he was endowed beyond her specification. She described the man’s penis as weirdly large, adding she could not withstand it, so she has “resigned” from the intended marriage.
She said that the man identified as Emmanuel is physically appealing, it would take only an extraordinary woman to accommodate the size of penis he carries.

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Although in her own words the man is yearning to marry her at all cost, she said she would not take that risk.
Well, she alone saw the penis and knows how large it is, but there may be some other women out there who might be wishing they could be linked up with the man in question because ‘one man’s meat is another’s poison’.

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