Friday, August 19, 2022

I Am Not Thinking About Marriage At The Moment – Beverly Osu Reveals

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Beverly Osu isn’t ready to get married and she is letting everyone know so they can stay off her case. The actress revealed in a recent interview that she is not ready to settle down and the only thing she wants to do is to be great.
I Am Not Thinking About Marriage At The Moment-Beverly Osu Reveals
I Am Not Thinking About Marriage At The Moment-Beverly Osu Reveals

Beverly Osu also addressed a recent physical alteration she had with a fan in Ghana that went viral “There was a day I got very angry in a club in Ghana. A fan had walked up to me and asked for a stick of cigarette because back then, I used to smoke. I told the person I couldn’t spare one because that was the last stick I had. She then said ‘That’s why nobody likes you’. It was bad because that statement got to me. She messed with me at the wrong time because I dragged her by the hair,”

The black barbie like she is usually called also spoke on living her life on her own terms without any restrictions
“I don’t have any restrictions in my life. I just go with the flow. I do whatever my mind tells me to do, so far I feel it is right at that moment. If it’s something that anyone would regret in two days, that is the person’s business. I go with what I feel is right at any particular moment. I am not someone that lives with regret. I am working on being the best version of myself at all times.”

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