Monday, December 6, 2021

“I Am Going To Knock Him Out In The Second Round” – Tyson Fury Warns Deontay Wilder Ahead Of Rematch

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Tyson Fury claims he will have one of the easiest nights of his career by knocking Deontay Wilder out in ROUND TWO of their rematch.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder
The 31-year-old Gypsy King is famous for his fabulous footwork and point scoring shots and claims he will be “slippery like a goldfish” on fight night. Before his round-two win against tune-up opponent Tom Schwarz last June, the 6ft 9in ace had not won inside the opening six minutes since a 2010 walkover at Huddersfield Sports Centre. But the superstitious former unified champ has been getting signs that the second stanza will be the deciding one on February 22.
Fury said: “I am going to win the fight, Deontay can make up all the excuses he wants, he lost the first fair and square and the same will happen in the second. I have never been of sure of anything in my whole life, I am going to kick that mother f*****’s arse all over the ring. I have not had to lose any weight. He has had to get out of jail a few times with his right hand but it will not be there this time, I will be super slippery, like a goldfish in a bowl.”

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Fury continued: “I don’t want to run him down because it will make my victory look s*. But when I beat him he becomes just another bare bum in the shower. I just want to get to the fight injury free and then it is all about who wants it more. I am going to knock him out in the second round, he is going down inside two rounds. I keep having dreams where I knock him out in round two and I have been playing a lot of poker and getting dealt lots of twos, it is definitely a sign. He is 100 per cent getting knocked out in two rounds he can laugh about it now but he will be looking up from his back inside two. If I am stupid enough to get hit by that big right hand, I deserve to lose. But he knows he is not messing with a s*house. I want to meet him in the centre of the ring for a tear-up. I want to meet him head-on, best man remains standing. I will meet him in the middle of the ring.”

Wilder, 34, took aim at Fury’s lack of loyalty to former trainer Ben Davison. The young cornerman helped nurse and train Fury back from a suicidal 28st addict to the man who only narrowly drew with Wilder, in December 2018, after two late knockdowns.

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But Fury axed the Hertfordshire man to link up with American Kronk trainer Javan ‘Sugar’ Hill for this fight. Wilder said: “Fury is changing trainers like he is changing his pants. I still have my old trainers, I am firing no one. This is unfinished business that I will finish, I will knock him out. I am a lion, the king of the jungle and I am going to rip his head off of his body.”
The Bronze Bomber added: “It is great to be back. It has been a quick turnaround for me but I am still in shape. I feel like I am week six of camp, not week three. We had a lot of great sparring partners and they do all the stuff Fury does. I need to be calmer and much more patient, just like in the Ortiz rematch. Boxing is not about winning rounds, it is about winning. When you come you watch heavyweight boxing, you are coming to watch a man get knocked out.”
Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder

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