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KOKO Magazine: Hushpuppi: A Guilty Global Fraud Mastermind

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Ramon Abbas Ray Hushpuppi is the perfect example of the smart kid from a poor home who made it all got out of the hood but was just not smart enough to know how to manage so much wealth accumulated within such a short time.Hushpuppi

The ill-gotten wealth got to his head and he felt the need to prove to people just how wealthy he was by always flaunting his obscene lavish lifestyle on social media, which in the long run led to his downfall. He is the subject of a 2017 song ‘Telli Person’ by Nigerian singer Timaya featuring Olamide and Phyno, with whom he had a long-running feud. The song contained lyrics directed towards Abbas indirectly accusing him of being a swindler and lavishing his money on designer clothes instead of investing in profitable ventures and warning him that he would soon be caught by authorities. Many viewed the song as a prophetic warning that was fulfilled with his arrest.
Hushpuppi born Ramon Abbas, grew up poor in bustling Lagos, with a cab driver father and a mother who sold bread by the side of the road. Hushpuppi himself washed cars before falling into a seedy underworld. He reportedly learned about Yahoo Yahoo. Named for the company that was once the sole web provider in Nigeria, it was a moniker used for a number of Internet frauds.
He would later emigrate to Malaysia and to the United Arab Emirates where he would live till his arrest. He admitted to fathering a child in 2013. According to a friend, Abbas obtained his secondary school education in Government College, Ikorodu, Lagos State.
Many news platforms also reported that Abbas was once a second-hand clothes seller in Lagos. Abbas prided himself on his humble beginnings.
Hushpuppi allegedly had a knack for Yahoo Yahoo and “he became a rising star . . . Then he went to South Africa and met people who showed him how to do it [at a higher level].”
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After his first big score, he bought a Rolex and posted pictures of it online. Over a matter of years, he moved on to Malaysia and the UAE, allegedly growing the scam along the way. Owolabi called Hushpuppi “the ring leader” and said, “he had a broad network. He could sit there and relax and make money.” But it wasn’t simply enough to “make” the money, or even to spend it. His posts on Instagram go back to 2012 and grow increasingly more ostentatious over time.
They also take on a tinge of nastiness. A photo showing the interior of his Rolls Royce is captioned “This post is just to hurt my enemies.” A gorgeously arranged plate of nouvelle cuisine puts out the message, “Hope y’all ate today.”
His followers ate it up: “Bossman Hush” and “Literally my motivation,” they commented.
Unlike a lot of online braggarts, who might rent a luxury car to pose in front of, Hushpuppi’s spoils were apparently legit. A representative at the private jet charter company Jetex confirmed that he flew with them. An employee in the luxe Dubai Mall told The Post: “He was in here everyday.”
Meanwhile, Hushpuppi was being watched by the FBI and Interpol. And being a show-off is what brought him down.
On Oct. 12, 2018, he posted a photo of his birthday cake — topped with a figurine of him alongside seven Fendi shopping bags. That helped investigators confirm his date of birth and track him to a visa application.
When a SWAT team pushed into suite 1802 at the Palazzo Versace in June, they found designer goods and bundles of cash. Between Hushpuppi and 11 others, officials report recovering $40 million in cash, 13 automobiles collectively worth $6.8 million, 47 smartphones and some 2 million email addresses of potential victims.
Hush was apprehended as part of a raid, dubbed Operation Foxhunt 2, that took down a dozen Nigerians living in Dubai. They stand accused of running scams that netted some $456 million.
More recently Hushpuppi indicted the Nigerian super cop DCP Abba Kyari in another fraud case of $1.1m where he and his team defraud a particular businessperson who was seeking for an investment money to start off an international school in Qatar. Hush as usual the braggart that he is needed to teach someone some lesson for stepping on his toes and need the help of the DCP Abba who he has now gotten his stellar record stained badly by this big fat flirt, who just doesn’t know how to live a coded life, make money and enjoy but needed to let the whole world know he was living large which ended-up being ostentatiously hollow of his thinking.
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