Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Huge Fireball Sighted As Witnesses Report ‘Explosion’ In UK

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A huge fireball was sighted on Monday evening in Oxfordshire after reports of an “explosion” in the area.

Oxfordshire is located in South East England, United Kingdom.

According to the source, the cause of the bang has not been ascertained as of the time of filing this report.
The bang was captured in footage shared by various social media users.

A witness told KOKO TV UK that they saw a “strange pulsing sky out of our windows looking northwest of Oxford”.

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“I’m guessing it’s a fire caused by the lightning storm that passed over,” the witness added.
One person wrote on social media: “Anybody else in Oxford just see that fireball?”, adding there had been a “loud explosion”.

Another person added: “So strange, sky was pulsating.”

Stuart Reid wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter): “Lightning strike near Oxford (A34). Struck something that burst into flames.”

“We’ve had the most unbelievable thunder and lightning storm ever… it came out of nowhere and the noise was incredible.

“A lightning strike hit right outside my house and it was deafening. It was terrifying. Awful.

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“Our power has just come back on but we’ve been without power all evening until now,” Ana Cavey, who lives in Somerton, about 15 miles north of Oxford, told KOKO TV UK

Joshua Bull wrote on X: “Definitely some kind of explosion – sounds like it’s out near Yarnton? Must have been huge, I’m in Marston and thought it was a car crashing outside my flat.”

Mahmet Ciftci also posted on X: “Just saw something here in Kidlington that looked like an explosion in the distance. We heard a rumble like thunder and saw flames in the distance. The horizon went orange for a while.”

KOKO TV UK has contacted emergency services in the area for further details.

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