Travel (Safety): How To Stay Safe During Protest And Civil Unrest

Protests and demonstrations can quickly turn from being peaceful to chaos and violence for all. It can be a scary time if you’re a traveler or tourist.

ProtestTo help you navigate those periods, we bring you ways to weave through the unrest and avoid being swallowed up in the demonstrations.

If you’re traveling:

1. Be up-to-date about the latest news and information. Get the most current information. It is much more important if you’re traveling to a volatile location.

2. Try as much as possible to avoid demonstrations happening in the given location. It might also be a good call to stay indoors until you’re certain the area is safe to head outside.

3. If you’re new to the area, take a map for consultation on alternative routes in case you run into a demonstration or protest.

4. If you run into a protest, avoid trying to ask so many questions. Rather find an alternative to your location.

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5. If possible, avoid locations with security forces present.

6. If you need to go to a location in the thick of the demonstration, go with someone and work as a team, keeping an eye on each other at all time.If you’re a protester:

1. If things get messy, find the nearest building and use it as a refuge point.

2. If you’re leaving the protest, avoid running so as not to attract attention. Walk sharply but smartly.

3. If you’re arrested, do not resist. Follow them peacefully but avoid giving a statement until your lawyer appears.

4. If shots get fired, drop to the ground, lying as flat as you can. Cover your head and neck with your hand.Travel Safety How To Stay Safe During Protests And Civil UnrestIf you’re in a car:

1. Do not attempt to drive your way through the crowd.

2. If it is impossible to drive away, park the car and lock it, then seek refuge in a nearby building.

Do stay safe!

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