Beauty DIY: How To Make Dark Skin Glow

The skin is the largest organ in the body so it is very important you keep it glowing and smooth all the time. There are various ways on how to make dark skin glow and being conscious and cautious of what you apply and do not apply goes a long to make dark skin glow

From time immemorial, dark or brown skins have been revered as a wonder of beauty so that when well kept, one is highly adored as not only a true face of Africa but also as a deceptively youthful person. So here is how to make dark skin glow;
Exercise Daily
Exercising daily doesn’t just enhance blood flow in the body, but replenishes your body’s lost cells.

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Bath More With Cold Water
Hot showers have the potential to rid your skin of the needed oils to glow and look healthy.
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Exfoliate Your Skin
It is very good to exfoliate your skin because it rids you of dead cells and allows for a new glow on the skin. This in turn enables your melanin to pop, making you look like that African beauty.things to do before applying makeup
Drink Lots Of Water
As cliche as it might sound, drinking lots of water helps to rejuvenate the skin. Just the same way you lose strength when you are hungry for food, it’s the same way the skin grows pale and looks rough when you do not feed it with the right nutrients and to make dark skin glow

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