Beauty DIY: How To Clean Beauty Blender, Best Way

How to clean beauty blender especially when you have achieved a very good full-face beat needs a lot of attention to ensure all the stains and oil leaves the to clean beauty blender

Don’t worry cleaning your beauty blender is not as hard as it looks or seem because there are some easy methods you haven’t tried out. So here is how to clean beauty blender stresslessly;
Clean It By Soaking

When it comes to how to clean beauty bleander there are a million are ne ways but achieving the best result is what counts hence the soaking method. Soaking your makeup sponge for an extended period is the best way to target tough stains. Simply wet your makeup sponge, massage in a few drops of your preferred soap, and pop it into a bowl of water. For the best results, make sure there’s enough water to entirely submerge the sponge. Let it sit for two to three hours and after this rinse and then dry and you are good to to clean beauty blender
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Clean it With Oil
Water alone can’t break down the oils that give your makeup its staying power, but another oil can. Before going in with soap and water, start by applying a cleansing oil like cold-pressed coconut oil to a dry makeup sponge, it is for this purpose some people make use of olive oil.
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Clean With Soap And Water
Cleaning with soap and water comes in when you didn’t use your beauty blender for anything oily. Making use of this method is a very good when it comes to how to clean beauty blender.
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