7 Ways How To Build A Succesful Relationship In 2019

No relationship is perfect. But in a healthy relationship, both parties feel good and always want more. A great relationship takes more than attraction or admiration.it takes work, commitment, Attention, Dedication, and both parties have to be willing to put in there effort. Here are some tips for building a healthy relationship:1. Love: Being comfortable with who you are means you will be a happier partner, loving yourself is the best before thinking of loving another person, the fact is that it will make you understand what real love is and how to love your partner, the truth is one doesn’t love themselves can never love another person.2. Value: knowing your worth helps a lot, it makes you understand the real you, what you really want and how you plan to get it, truly everyone has a price, Yes, buy it will make you understand how to treat people and your partner as well.3. Communication:Communication is one of the keys to a healthy relationship is communication. communication strengthen a relationship and creates intimacy, Talk to your partner about your feelings, open up to him about everything, ask questions and listen to answers. if you are upset, say it, if you are happy, show it, appreciate every moment. don’t make your partner try to figure out what’s up every time. Taking through problems together builds trust and make a relationship stronger.4. Honesty:Honesty plays a strong role in a healthy relationship, Be truthful to your partner about everything you do, think or feel, Honesty creates trust, few things harm a relationship more than lies, open up about your past and present experience to your partner, never hide or lie, Being honest makes both parties feel secure.5. Give each other some space: Time is great, but spending times together is not healthy, sometimes it makes a relationship feels like a prison and both parties get choked, it’s healthy to have your own friends and interest outside of the relationship, create adventures, create memories, sometimes been away from each other create eagerness and it makes the whole relationship looks fresh and interesting again.6. Support: In every relationship, every person wants a supportive partner, every person wants a partner who could help in actualizing their dreams, everybody needs somebody, someone to confide in, someone to lean on when things are not going fine, someone that will stay when everybody lives, when your partner does something great, appreciate them, encourage them, give your total support.7. Sex:Many partners are not open to each other about sex. they find it hard to discuss sex, feel free to talk to your partner about sex, tell your partner what you feel, how you feel it, what you like and don’t like about sex, it helps and improves sex life. Never pressure your partner into doing something they don’t want to do, or let your partner pressure you, sex is an interesting play don’t make it boring.Photo Credit: Getty


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