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How To Be A Successful Side Chic

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A side chic is a mistress; a woman; one dates in addition to one’s girlfriend or wife, usually in secret. If you are a side chic, you are not the main chic. side chic

The main chic is the one that the man is married to, officially dating. A lot of ladies turn out to be the side chic but most of the time, they are usually unaware of it. But in today’s society, many ladies are becoming side chic on their own will. Nowadays some ladies no longer care if the man has a girlfriend, or a wife, as long as he meets their needs in every ramification and it is a mutual agreement; they are good to go. So here is how to be a successful side chic;
1. Don’t Take Things Personal
To be a successful side chic, you need to ensure you don’t take things personal. Let the words side chic ring constantly in your head because, it will help you not display emotions that are unnecessary. He might not spend all his time with you or be with you as much as you want, but he meets your needs and that is the number one side chic rule.
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2. Keep The Situation Private
This is the number two rule to being a side chic, keep the relationship to yourself. Just as the name implies, side; originally, side is not what people see, it is the front they see, so learn to keep your relationship secret. You sure don’t want the main chic in your DM, or chasing you up and down.
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3. Always Look Your Best

Remember you are the side chic, and it is because you are giving him what his main chic can’t, that is why he is keeping you. Always ensure you keep your game up by looking good all the time. Let that sexual attracting simmer continuously.4. No Drama
A successful side chic does not give drama. He comes to you to get what no one else can give him. It is not your job to give him drama of whatever sort, that is the job of the main chic.
5. Never Call First
Text messages should be your only form of contact unless he decides he wants to call you. You do not have phone privileges; at any given time he might be with his Main chic. Random calling need not apply.
6. Don’t Research The Main Chic
Looking her up on social media is not necessary. Why would you want to associate a face or name with the Main? Her name is “Main” her face looks like this: “?” Enough said.Trending video of the day;

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