Beauty DIY: How To Apply Lipstick Without Lip Liner

How to apply lipstick without lip liner is something a lot of ladies find difficult but with the right information it is not as difficult many think it to apply lipstick without lip liner

Lipstick is one makeup that makes the lip pop and cements the entire look. In fact lipstick has the power to make an ordinary face look pretty just like that. So here is how to apply lipstick without lip liner;
Get A Brush
If you don’t want to use a lip liner, you can make use of a slim toothed brush and use that to draw a line following the shape of your lip. After outlining your lip with the lipstick via the brush then you can apply your lipstick and not worry about it not coming out to apply lipstick without lip linerREAD ALSO: Beauty DIY: How To Use Onions For Pimples
Make Use Of The Lipstick Itself
For this method when it comes to how to apply lipstick without lip liner all you need is the lip stick itself and a steady hand. Carefully use the edge of the lipstick to outline the shape of your lip like you would have done with a lip liner. Be careful while doing this and in case of any smears, simply use the edge of you hand, or a tissue to dab slightly.READ ALSO: Beauty DIY: Top 5 Best Lipstick For Dark Skin
Apply The Lipstick Before Outlining Your Lip
Here you would need to apply the lipstick on your full lip before outlining. This way you just have a little space on your lip to cover. When you are done rubbing your lipstick and then you dab. Ensure to smack your lips together very well, as by doing this it will form the shape of your lip. This method is good when you are making use of just one lip colour.

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