How My Daughter Checks If I’m Alive – Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu and daughter, Aliyah
Children can be so worried about their parents especially if they do not live under the same roof with them, and if the parents engage in some activities that exposes them to danger. Aisha Yesufu’s daughter is not an exception, and her mom has come out to tell us how she checks up to know if her mother is still alive.
In a tweet she shared on the microblogging site, the KOKO’s 2020 Woman of the Year and agro-businesswoman revealed that her 19 year old second child and daughter, Aliyah, goes to her Twitter handle to confirm if she is still living.
According to Aisha Yesufu, Aliyah panics every time she calls her mom and she doesn’t answer her phones as she can not be sure if something terrible had happened to her mother. This, Aisha said is not the way to be as she added the hashtag #NigeriaMustWorkInOurLifetime
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My daughter says she checks my twitter page to be sure I am alive. She also panics when she calls and I don’t pick. So when she checks twitter and sees me tweeting she knows I am alive. This is not the way to be!“, she tweeted.
Aisha and Aliya
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