10 Songs Defining The State Of Things In The #EndSARS Protest

There is no literally no debate to counter the fact that music is a universal language. Virtually everyone can comprehend and understand the purpose of a song, especially one designed to address certain excesses in the government or political system, as shown in varied protests.

Since the #EndSARS protest started a few days back, the protesters have been utilizing music not just as an art form, but as a weapon to speak out and voice their grievances against the perceived negligence and lackluster of the government to their plights and cries.

To help you understand the protest and where the anger of the youths steam from, we bring to you 10 songs or anthems if you please that can be played at the protest grounds.

  1. Davido – FEM

While this song is not exactly a protest song, it has easily become the anthem in responding to the government and what they represent. The part where he sings, “dem go tell me who dey give them mind” resonates deeply with what the youths are stating currently.

2. Ajebo Hustlers – Barawo

An Afro-pop song that while it exposes the criminality of jungle justice that pervades the society, it also speaks on police brutality and extra-judicial killing. A realistic song telling the true state of things in Nigeria.

3.  Laycon feat. Reminisce and Chinko Ekun – Fierce

The song played during demonstrations presents the picture that we are committed to one goal, and we will remain brave and courageous no matter the hindrances and distraction.

4. Burna Boy – Anybody
Permit me to state it here that this song is a violent song, and while the protests might be peaceful, this song can give you all the energy you need.

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5. Falz – This Is Nigeria

Released in 2018, as a close adaptation of Childish Gambino’s This Is America. The song is one thing, truth. Falz went into the studio with the mindset of revealing the rot in the political and human system of our dear country. Nobody could have done it better.

6. African China – Mr President
Released in 2006, this song still sings true words and even better words as we go out for the #EndSARS protest. African China bares his heart out to the leaders of the country about necessary changes to make. Sadly, we are still fighting for the same thing.

7. Falz – Talk
Falz has something about his songs especially those ones that discuss the poor and unfavorable state of things in Nigeria.

8. Eedris Abdulkareem – Jaga Jaga
There’s nothing to say here. You know the song and the message it carries.

9. Sound Sultan – Ole (Bushmeat)

10. Street Hard: Bad Youth
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