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How House Chores Almost Killed My Wife – Editor

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Nigerian author and editor Oluwanishola Akeju has narrated how he almost lost his wife in the early years of their marriage to house chores, admonishing men to be appreciative of their wives and help them out from time to time.
Apparently, as many African men, Akeju believed that it is the work of the man to work while the woman dos the house chores and takes cares of the home, and his part he did with so much energy, taking extra jobs to make provisions for his home.
Expecting that his wife fulfils her part, the editor was never concerned about giving her a helping hand, as a matter of fact, he couldn’t picture what she was doing that is stressful or needing a helping hand. Taking to the streets of Twitter to narrate, Akeju revealed how he had came home early one day only to find his faint wife in the kitchen while the food burnt, and how the events thereafter changed his perspective. “It wasn’t as if I was completely handicapped but I don’t really get engaged in the major house chores. After all, the hardest part of living is to provide”, he wrote.
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“My thought! One day, I got back early, I was famished and I told my wife to prepare me something. She simply asked me to get bread and drink in other to buy more time before she makes dinner. That reply was the second in three days. I didn’t like it. I was displeased. I got the bread. After few minutes. She went to the kitchen. It was too soon for someone who needed to buy time. But I guess she noticed I was displeased. Afterwards, She would just do her thing, make food, arrange things to make me voiceless. And we lived on”, he narrated on.
How House Chores Almost Killed My Wife – Editor
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