Housewife, 18, Stabs Husband To Death Over Sex…11 Days After Marriage

Salman Hassan, an 18-year-old housewife, from Itas Gadau in Bauchi State, has stabbed her husband, Mohammed Mustapha, to death allegedly over sex, just after 11 days of marriage.

Salman was paraded by Bauchi State Police Command, on Thursday. Salma said she stabbed her husband on the chest because he insisted on sleeping with her on that fateful night.

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“We were married. We loved each other. After 11 days of our marriage he came to sleep with me but I refused. He hit me and I took a knife and stabbed him. I never meant to kill him. I only wanted to threaten him on the chest. It was a small stab and I did not know he would die”.

There Haven't Been Reports Of Robbery In Lagos, Ogun - Lagos And Ogun CPSalam, who was emotional, said she regretted her action noting that “I am in great suffering. I am in great bitterness. I don’t know what will happen to me”.
The Commissioner of Police, Phillip Maku, disclosed that, Salma committed the crime on 24th of April, 2020.

He said one Hauna Musa reported at the Itas-Gadau Police Division after which she was arrested. Maku said that Mustapha sustained serious injury and was rushed to the General Hospital, Itas-Gadau for treatment where he was certified dead.
“The suspect was arrested and confessed to the crime. Exhibit recovered from the suspect was one knife,” the Commissioner of police, said.
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