Hilarious! Woman’s Fuller Brows Tattoo, Goes Wrong

Hilarious images of a woman who paid to get fuller brows tattoo has surfaced on the internet.
According to reports, 26 year old Kanyarat Chaichan, who wanted fuller eyes brows in order to enhance her thin eye brows, paid so much, but got a tacky job done on her face. After she realised that the new supposed better eyebrows weren’t all that good, she decided to take them off; but she didn’t have enough funds to do that.
Fortunately, a beauty therapist named Vilailak Nan Sundantom heard about Kanyarat hilarious eyebrows story, gave her a free corrective treatment to clear the ugly brow tattoos and create a more attractive shape.

Using a combination of laser removal, Vilailak was able to fade the hilarious brows, and she used microblading to create new shapes. Now, Kanyarat has to wait around six months to see the results, because, the original botch job has to fade first. For the meantime, she seems satisfied with the current result.

Photo credit: Getty


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