Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Jummah Fashion: 5 Cool And Trendy Ways To Wear Hijabs With Earrings

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Modest fashion is no longer a term for boring mode of dressing. It has evolved to something cool and stylish. Today on Jummah fashion we’ve brought to you five trendy ways you can wear your hijabs with earrings; check below:
1. Knot hijab style

With this style you can spice up your modest look with loop earrings. The knot hijab style is good for a casual outing and it gives you the opportunity to show off your earrings.
2. High tied hijab

This look is perfect for summer! It clearly gives your earrings chance to enhance your beauty as the hijab is raised up and leaves your neck bare.
3. The royal wedding look

This is an amazing look for a wedding occasion especially for the bride. To rock this trend a long earring is most advisable.
4. Arabian style:

This style is recommended when you decides to wear kaftan or abaya. your look should feature a headband and most importantly a statement earring.
5. Chic look

Muslim fashionistas are not to be left out when it comes to looking chic. One way to perfect this is by spicing up your look with some long tussle earrings.
Have fun trying them out!

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