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“He’s Too Good For You”, Tyson Fury’s Father Advises Deontay Wilder Against Trilogy

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Tyson Fury’s father has come out to advise Deonte Wilder against a third fight with his son after the boxer indicated that he would want a rematch. According to the trilogy contract, the third bout between the pair is being targeted for July 18th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
"He's Too Good For You", Tyson Fury's Father Advises Dante Wilder
“He’s Too Good For You”, Tyson Fury’s Father Advises Dante Wilder

John Fury a former heavyweight boxer, has warned Wilder that he risks ending up in the hospital if he wants to fight his son, even though he admitted the money involved in the third fight will be too much for Wilder to neglect.

“I can’t blame him for that. It’s all about the money,” John Fury told IFL TV. “But I don’t know what he’s going to do with Tyson because Tyson is only getting better. Get your team round you and tell them to start using their brains. Forget Tyson, forget the Tyson Furys of the world. He’s too good for you. He’s proved that. You couldn’t beat him when he’d lost 10 stone. He got up from your best shots. That was enough to tell you that the rematch should never have been anyway.

Tyson Fury's Father
Tyson Fury’s Father

“So what you want to do: go after AJ. Spread your wings. There’s other people out there. Other people he can annihilate. But let me tell you something, Tyson Fury has too much brains. He’s only getting better. Tell your team to start looking further afield, there’s plenty of other heavyweights out there you can make a few quid with.

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John Fury speaking further advised Dante “Get after Joshua and you’ll probably get all the other belts back off him. There’s plenty of other people out there. Concentrate on them. If you mess with my son, there’s only one place you’re going: the hospital. For a long time. So forget that one. Deontay Wilder is an incredible fighter. He’s got the knockout power. Let me tell you, any lesser man than Tyson Fury is not beating Deontay Wilder. Tyson is No. 1. Wilder is definitely No. 2.”

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