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Beauty DIY: Here’s Why You Should Use Face Oil On Your Skin

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Face oil is good for your face because, your face says a lot even without speaking, so ensuring a continuous skin glow on this part of your body is key. Generally, the skin is the outer covering of the body and the largest human organ, as a result, it is extremely important and tells a lot about a person. This fact has made lots of people become very cautious of their skin and the things they apply to it. Coming to taking care of and moisturizing this important human feature, one crucial method is the application of face oil.


What is face oil?
It is noteworthy, that not every oil is regarded as face oil. Now, just as the name implies, facial oil is a specifically oil-based liquid formula designed to be used on the skin. This oil comprises a mixture of plant oil helping to nourish and balance the skin texture. They are formulated with non-comedogenic botanical oils and do not clog or block the pores.
Why you should use face oil for your skin
There are several advantages of face oil on the skin; just as the popular saying goes, looking good is good business. Here is a highlight on some reasons why you should use face oil for your skin;
Moisturizes the skin
As a result of the several plant oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, among others found in facial oils, it helps to moisturize the skin. For people who usually have dry, flaky, and rough skin as well as breakout, using face oil will help lock the moisture in.
Reduces wrinkles
Face oil helps to reduce wrinkles on your skin, amazing, right? Everyone always wants to look peng when they step out and not worry about wrinkles irrespective of their age, and this oil helps you achieve that. The antioxidant contained in facial oil enables it to pass through the skin quickly, hence, leaving the skin plump and beautiful.
Strengthens the skin
Applying face oil on the skin helps to strengthen the skin and gives it a good shine. Face oil ingredients serve as emollients, hence soothe and strengthen the skin.
The perfect makeup primer
You must add face oil to your beauty routine because the smoother your skin, the better your makeup will look. For instance, oils like mandarin and almond oil are absorbed into the skin very quickly, thereby filling the area that needs hydrating the most. This creates a plump and smooth look, making your skin the perfect foundation.
face oil
Reduces enlarged pores
Enlarged pores are caused by excess production of sebum via the sebaceous gland, and can lead to oily skin. Face oil helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores because of the non-comedogenic properties contained in them.
Evens skin complexion
This is one of the major benefits of face oil on the skin. If you desire to have a smooth and even skin complexion, you require face oil because they possess properties that help rejuvenate and detoxify the skin.
Reduces Rashes
Oils like geranium have been known to treat skin conditions for years. The anti-inflammatory properties contained in them help to reduce irritation like rashes on the skin. Argan and yangu oil are very good for skin treatment.
How to apply face oil
It is important to know the right way to apply face oil on the skin because when applied wrongly, the desired effect and result are lost. So, if you are applying it right before your foundation especially if you have dry skin, simply dab a few drops of face oil onto your skin and smooth over your face and neck. Let it absorb for two to three minutes before applying your foundation.

If you are applying face oil before bed or early in the morning, ensure you do not rub it on but dab or pat it into the skin. This enables the skin to absorb the oil faster and also see it work quicker.
Be conscious of the amount of face oil you apply to your skin. Two to three drops are enough to go round the face and neck.
Types of face oil and skin type
Dry skin: Coconut oil, Jojoba oil
Oily/ Acne-prone skin: Macadamia oil, tea tree oil
Sensitive / Damaged skin: Argan oil, Primrose oil
Aging skin: Argan oil, Rosehip seed oil

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