Here Is Why Aisha Yesufu Is Being Dragged On Twitter

The name ‘Aisha’ has been on the Nigerian trend table since Monday 11th January till today, and it is none other news than that of our 2020 Woman of the Year, Aisha Yesufu. The socio-activist who rather prefers to be called an active Nigerian has been the subject matter of discussion both in Arewa Twitter’s cubicle and that of the Nigerians identifying with LGBTQ.
In a video made in Hausa language that surfaced on the social media space titled ‘Tona asirin Aisha Yesufu’, the businesswoman had allegedly voiced public support for the LGBT cause in a series of tweets, claiming that same sex marriages happened in Kano even in the 80s and she witnessed some as a child.
She further went to talk about sexuality and the choices people make in tweets, and these did not go down well with the people of her religion.  “Your sexuality is not an achievement. You do not need anyone liking your choice of sexuality. All you need is being given the right to practise your sexuality. Homosexuality was freely practiced in Nigeria for hundreds of years and I witnessed same sex marriages in the 80s. So calm down, it is not a new discovery”, she had written.
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This stirred up a massive controversy on he streets of Twitter. Arewa attacked her for misleading people and inciting them on thinsg that are not Islamically acceptable. The Queers on the other hand, scheduled and held a Zoom meeting with her at the centre, saying her activism is affecting the lives of Nigerian Queers. See some of the reactions and scenarios that played out.


Aisha Yesufu
Aisha Yesufu
Photos Credit: KOKO

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