Saturday, December 10, 2022

‘He’ll Never Gain The Hearts And Souls Of The Iranian People’: Joe Biden Confuses Ukraine And IRAN During His State Of The Union Address

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President Joe Biden had a gaffe during his State of the Union speech amid the crisis in Ukraine, confusing the nation facing invasion with Iran.

Biden, 79, the oldest man ever elected to the presidency in the United States, was speaking about the ongoing Russian invasion when he erred.

‘Putin may circle Kiev with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people,’ Biden said.

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Just after he finishes saying ‘Iranian,’ Vice President Kamala Harris can be seen behind Biden mouthing the correct word, ‘Ukrainian.’

Social media was afire with reaction at the blunder, with ‘Iranians’ trending after the speech.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz wrote that everyone must have thought it was from a popular conservative satire site: ‘BREAKING: Biden announces unconventional plan to win the hearts and souls of Iranian people in Kyiv…Not from @TheBabylonBee.’

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Former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka wrote: ‘Biden just said ‘Kiev and the Iranian people’ and added ‘#SenilePresident.’

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Another user added: ‘Biden: ‘Putin will never gain the hearts and minds of the Iranian people!’ What the hell is he talking about ?!’

Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin wrote: ‘Yes, Biden said Iranian when he met Ukrainian. Let’s not make a thing of it.’

Biden warned Russia that President Vladimir Putin ‘has no idea what’s coming’ as he opened his first State of the Union address by accusing the Russian leader of ‘underestimating’ western allies and Ukrainian people and announced the closure of U.S. air space to all Russian flights.

‘Six days ago, Russia’s Vlaidmir Putin sought to shake the very foundation of the free world, thinking he could make it bend to his menacing ways. But he badly miscalculated,’ Biden said with Vice President Kamala Harris sitting behind his right shoulder and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on his left. 

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