Helga Lovekaty: Is This The Reason Colombian Footballer James Rodriguez Is Injured

World Cup fans have taken to social media to express what they thought might be the reason, why one of the tournament’s leading star is injured.Colombia‘s James Rodriguez was ribbed for his early substitution against Senegal, with fans thinking he was sneaking off to see his girlfriend – Helga Lovekaty.26 year-old Russian, Helga Lovekaty, began modelling on Instagram in 2013 and has since grown over 4m followers on the site.The golden boot winner from 2014, who is a serious doubt to face England in the Round of 16 tie on Tuesday night, was trolled online for bunking off the game because he wanted to spend time with Lovekaty. Lovekaty has dabbled in acting and appeared in 2015 movie Hardcore Henry.One fan tweeted Helga saving: “Take care of James so he can recover.” While another said: “James asked for the change because Helga told him that she had the house alone…” And a third tweeted: “James went to see Helga Lovekaty.”She is an ambassador and endorser for sportswear company Plein Sport. Separated James Rodriguez married Arsenal star David Opsina’s sister, Daniela, when she was 18 years old.Photo Credit: Getty

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