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Harsha, The Moroccan Semolina Bread Is Our Food Item For The Weekend

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It is still our streak of exploring African dishes and I so find joy in finding out about these wonderful food items. Exploring is my thing and as it applies to food, these new discoveries are keeping me happy anytime it is Friday! Today, we are making Harsha, ain’t sure you have heard of it before. I hadn’t until a few days ago too,
Harsha is a popular Moroccan bread that is usually made with a combination of semolina – this right here, is a wonder for me, tbh -, sugar, butter, milk, baking powder, and salt. It is traditionally fried in a pan, like we fry Akara and other fried foods, until it develops a soft, crumbly texture. Most Moroccans prepare it for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, serving it with butter, honey, cheese or olive oil.
It is recommended to pair Harsha with a cup of hot Moroccan tea, so as a bonus, we will be adding the recipe for Moroccan tea, to balance the equation.
Semolina, Olive and vegetable oil, Sugar, Salt, Baking powder, Baking yeast and Milk
How To Make
Pour the semolina into a bowl. Add the oil, salt baking yeast, sugar then mix well until the semolina is coated with oil. Pour in the milk and mix. Add baking powder, and continue to the dough is moist and sticky. Leave the dough to rest for 10 minutes. Brush a heavy pan with some butter and sprinkle some semolina. Put the semolina mixture on the pan and spread it evenly.
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Place the pan on medium heat and cook for 3 minutes then shake the pan to make sure the bread is cooked all the way through (keep shaking the pan every 2 minutes). When the top of Harsha is completely dry (this should take around 10 minutes), place a large plate or tray on the top and flip the Harsha. Replace the uncooked side on the pan and cook for another 10 minutes until it is golden. Now you can enjoy the warm semolina bread, dripping with honey or simply dipped in olive oil.Harsha, The Moroccan Semolina Bread Is Our Food Item For The WeekendPhotos Credit: Getty


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