Things Happy Couples Do Immediately They Wake Up

Every couples wants happiness in their marriage. No one will bring happiness into your marriage except the two of you.
There are certain things to make marriage beautiful and we will be discussing 4 things happy couple do every morning:

1 They kiss passionately: Waking up next to the man/woman of your dreams, there is this strong desire to kiss him/her. This will not only ignite your love but also strengthen the love between you two.
2 They greet themselves: Lovers tend to be happy waking up and seeing their love and they are love struck to greet their loved ones. E.g Good morning beautiful lady and she will reply good morning handsome.

3 They shower together: For couples who like to hit the shower immediately they wake up will most times especially during weekends carry their love to the shower and have a romantic shower together. This makes the bong stronger.
4 They share breakfast: Prepare a cup of tea or light breakfast, bring it up to the bedroom and share it with your spouse. Sign of blissful relationship.

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