Hair Tips: Top 7 Sporty Styles To Try


As an athlete, there are numerous sporty styles to try, which will make you stand on the field.sporty styles to try

You need to always go for styles that make you comfortable and leave you looking chic. So here are seven sporty styles to try;
1. Bun
Since time immemorial, the bun hairstyle has been rocked by athletes, and it always looks so cute on them. Smooth your hair up into a top knot and secure your edges with a headband that will also help with absorbing sweat and keeping your hairline intact.
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2. Curly Pony
With a curly pony, throw your hair into an easy ponytail hairstyle and gather your hair up into a high pony. 3. Cornrow Bun
Yes, cornrow is a lovely hairstyle but having your hair touch the back of your neck while sweating can be very uncomfortable. So cornrow buns to the 5 hairstyles that rocked 20214. French Braids
With french braids, you just have your hair in two braids and leave it to dangle down at your back, and you are good to go. Almost every athlete settles for the French braid style, but you can make yours stand out. READ ALSO: Awwnn! BBNaija Chichi’s Fans Gift Her Money Cakes
5. Single Braids

As a sportswoman, one of the sporty styles to try is the single braids. All you need to do is just weave your hair into one braid, and boom; there you have it. 6. Ponytail
The ponytail style is an ever-green hairstyle and one of the finest sporty styles to try.clip it ponytail
7. Space Bun
Space bun makes you stand out and looks chic effortlessly as a sportswoman. Trending video of the day;

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