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Hair Tips: How To Protect Your Edges

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Our edges also known as hairline is very fragile and can easily go off if pulled too hard or for other reasons. The strands that frame the face are softer and are weak to an extent, ie they are not as strong as the hair that grows in the middle of the head. So when it comes to how to protect your edges it is super important.
how to protect your edges

As a result of their frail state, they are more susceptible to breakage and hair loss. Besides health issues and heredity, there are a few things that can cause hair loss in women, thin edges or bald edges. Including heavy brushing, tight styles, gels with alcohol, lack of moisture, and lack of oxygen access to your hairline from wearing wigs. So here are ways on how to protect your edges;
Avoid Over Styling
Avoiding over styling in the sense that one should ensure not to pull or comb too much especially when styling. Hairstyles like ponytail which includes all the hair being drawn into a ponytail atop the head can be detrimental to your edges, especially when it is too tight. So when it comes to how to protect your edges, one should be careful and conscious of it.
Stimulate And Moisturize Your Hairline
No matter what style you have, be sure to stimulate and moisturize your hairline. Massaging your hairline will promote hair growth and help with edge control. You can also encourage growth by moisturizing. Keeping in mind that the most effective moisturizers have water as the first ingredient, and do not include mineral oil or petrolatum. As some of the more common ingredients, like petrolatum, used in styling products are actually moisture resistant.
Choose Low Manipulation Styles
Avoiding styles that pull your hair too tight will help lessen the stress put on your edges. You can style your hair without wearing it tight! Here are a few cute low manipulation styles.
Protective Hairstyles
Protectives hairstyles like flat twists, two-strand twists, twist-outs, or braid-outs, etc work wonders when it comes to how to protect your edges. Because of how frail your edges are, these protective hairstyles will help them grow and last longer.
Use A Silk Scarf 
Use a silk scarf when going to bed. A silk scarf is very good for the hair because it doesn’t tighten the hairline when it is tied.
how to protect your edges
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