Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Hair Tips: 5 Awesome Ways To Maintain Coloured Natural Hair

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Natural coloured hair 7Natural hair can be dyed and coloured. However, if care is not taken the hair colour could fade out.

If you desire to go funky with your hair but don’t know how to, you can get it coloured with another different hair colour. It could be purple, red, brown, gold, any shade you choose would totally depend on you. The challenge with colouring natural hair is that it fades out easily, especially when proper care is not taken. Here are 5 easy ways you can maintain that chic hair colour that you so desire.Natural coloured hair 6
1. Wash with Sulphate-free shampoo: If you are currently rocking a coloured hair, or planning to do that soon, then its time to consider getting a sulphate fee shampoo. This helps to wash of dirt without getting rid of the colour.Natural coloured hair 5
2. Wash your hair less often: Excess shampooing is bad if you plan on maintaining your hair colour.Natural coloured hair 4
3. Moisturize your hair: Coloured hair tends to dry out on time. You need to regularly moisturize your hair in order to maintain its shine.Natural coloured hair 3
4. Regular oil massage: You should consider oil massage for your coloured hair. It helps to maintain the nutrients and prevents easy breakage.Natural coloured hair 2
5. Hair masks: Hair masks are incredibly useful for coloured hair. They maintain shine and protect from fallout and breakage. They also help to lock in the colour contents on the hair.Natural coloured hair 1Photo Credit: Getty

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