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Hair Tips: 5 Hairstyles To Do This Rainy Season

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The rainy season is upon us once again and a lot of ladies have refused to go out for fear of being caught up in the rain and getting their hair wet. There are some hairstyles to do this rainy season that will make you be on flick no matter how heavy the rain is.hairstyles to do this rainy season

The key here is to have an easy hairstyle that doesn’t get rough on time. Another thing is here is to ensure that your hair gets enough air and is well nourished. Having known the latter, here are 5 hairstyles to do this rainy season;
The Wet Look
The wet look is not just sexy but it is stressless and it is one of the hairstyles to do this rainy season. Embrace the rainy forecast and try out the wet look. Tease your roots for extra lift and part hair to the side, then work some mousse into wet hair while scrunching for texture.
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Go Natural
The fun fact about natural hair is that it gives a simple yet sexy look. So go natural this rainy season and stop worrying about your hair getting wet. Reduce the cream you apply on your hair and use more of oils and mousse, to make your hair shiny even when wet.Silky Scarf Bandana
Tying a silky scarf on your hair irrespective of the hairstyle you have beneath protects your hair from getting wet and even if it does you will still look cute.
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Yes, these come in handy especially when you don not have the strength to style you hair, just pick up that wrap and tie it into something cute and you are good to go.
Gel Pack
Gel pack is ideal and one of the hairstyles to do this rainy season because even if it gets wet, all you have to do is apply gel to make it right again.clip it ponytail

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