Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hair Tips: 3 Natural Hair Mistakes To Avoid

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Most ladies are on natural hair as they have discovered that it has its own appeal in a very sensual way.natural hair


The same way relaxed hair requires attention, it is the same way natural hair requires equal attention and some times, ladies get this natural thingy wrong. So, here are 3 common natural hair mistakes to avoid;
Failure To Wear Protective Hairstyles
Wearing protective hairstyles like cornrows helps not just your hair, but you scalp, retains length and minimize breakage. Make more of twist up-dos and braids while keeping the tension low on your edge.beverly osu
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Avoiding Regular Trims
As scary as it may be to lose your length, you need to visit your stylist to get regular trims. Trimming your hair gets rid of split ends, keeps breakage at bay, and minimizes damage to help your tresses grow healthy and strong. Consider booking appointments with your stylist for every six to eight weeks and just get a little bit trimmed off your ends each time.READ ALSO: Hair Tips: How To Maintain Curly Wigs
Towel-Drying Your Hair
This is a common practice among ladies; towel-drying your hair leads to breakage and hair loss which isn’t good for you. natural hairTrending video of the day;

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