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Hair Tips: 11 Sexy Afro Styles To Rock As A Slay Queen

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The moment natural hair became a trend, ladies gained more freedom and ways to express themselves naturally. Attachment, wigs, extensions, in general, took the backseat while the beauty within became the new cool. One hairstyle that is associated with natural hair is afro styles. This style is evergreen as from time immemorial afro hairstyles have been rocked and will still be rocked in the future.afro stylesThe fact that it is a very flexible and easy to achieve kind of hairstyle makes it even more gorgeous. No matter your hair texture, with afro you are always good to go.
While this hairstyle is typically renowned for its big, voluminous aesthetic, there are tons of variations that explore the gamut, from teeny weeny short afro looks to even dyed versions. If you’re still on the fence about going natural and growing out your hair you are in the right article.
Find the perfect afro style for you. After that, you’ll need to style it! Right here, you’ll find several afro ideas that we’re loving right now, plus easy and sexy ways to style and part them;
Full Afro
No matter the shape of your face, a full afro is a killer back to back. The occasion is not a stopper when you want to rock this particular style.Mini Ponytail Afro
This involves the use of a cloth/scarf or rubberband used to pull back the hair creating a packing gel style. The only difference here is you leave the hair to stand out behind.

Medium Fro’
Afro is ever cute and medium fro is for the bold at heart. Going for that classy event, this particular afro style is what you need, just apply rollers on your hair and leave the curls.

Technicolor Full Afro
Only the bold at heart can walk away smiling with this style. Be it middle, side or slant parting, the color of the hair in afro style is always a banger.
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Center Part Afro
Now all you need here is just to part the hair into a center part and your afro is good to go.Afro Curls Side Part
Curls just have a way of making things more pretty and sexy at the same time. Using tiny rollers on your natural hair and then parting it into a side part is the perfect afro hairstyle you need for that occasion.

This style always gives that bad girls vibes which are forever sexy.Twistout Afro
 is an easy afro style for every lady. Just divide your hair and weave them into braids. The next day lose the twist out and you can part it whatever style you want.Cropped Afro
Not all ladies wear the afro big and long, some like it cropped and this is still super cute.Taped Side Afro
One afro style that is forever cute, the tapered side afro. This just involves you reducing the sides of your hair while leaving the middle long and full.Spaced Puff
The versatile nature of afro style is one beauty about it. A different way to style this hair is by packing it into a puff. From young kids to adults this style is super cute.
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