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Hair Tips 102: 11 Super Cute Hairstyles Made For The Oval Face-Shaped woman

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Ladies with oval-shaped faces are literarily one of the luckiest because this particular face shape suits almost any and every hairstyle. An oval face shape that is equally wide as it is long sets you in a sea of options when it comes to choosing the hairstyle.HAIRThis face shape is not as selective as others which reduces a lot of stress because your oh-so-symmetrical features look good with just about any style. Although it has its downside as oval face shape sometimes just creates this hungry look for a lady.
But the plus is far more than the minus and come on, you don’t get to choose your face shape. You came with it just like you did your eyes, (lol). So stop the stress as we give you the 11 best hairstyles the lady with an oval face shape should rock effortlessly.
Long Layers
This hairstyle just seems to make the face go on and on, creating that angelic beauty look thatch be rocked with any and every outfit.LAYERED HAIR koko tv ng Shoulder-Lenght Waves
Lobs (long bobs) are definitely one of the most flattering styles to try because the center part lengthens your face, while the added volume from the waves draws out your cheekbones, creating a nice symmetry overall.SHOULDER LENGTH WAVE HAIR KOKO TV NGFull Fringe
Fringe just literarily creates that steady sexy look effortlessly. A set of definitely works great with oval face shapes, particularly if you have a larger forehead. Customize their thickness to suit your individual texture, but make sure the length sits at or just below your eyebrows for the most flattering effect.FULL FRINGE koko tv ngLayered Bob
Layered bob gives a touch of sassiness thanks to its shorter length and is equally flattering on oval-shaped faces. With subtle layers throughout for added movement and choppy ends, this chic hairstyle is a great option for ladies.Layered Bob koko tv ngSide-Swept Pixie
It is either a pixie hairstyle fits you or it doesn’t! Oval shape faces tend to rock this hairstyle to the hilt. It is indeed one of the best-fitting hairstyles for oval-shaped faces. Pixie hairstyle tends to show off your facial features nicely and is so easy to style. Come on go for it girl!
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The pixie cut is ephemeral as it can be rocked shorter creating that badass look.
This cut is also terrific for petite ladies, as the shorter length draws your eyes up and doesn’t weigh down a smaller frame.cropped pixie KOKO TV NGPolished Curls
Curls are an oval shape faced lady’s best friend.polished curls KOKO TV NGSleek Lob
Paired with a center part and stopping just below your jawline to complement your impeccable bone structure, of course. Option to tuck both sides behind your ears to further open up your face (and keep your hair out of the way).sleek lob KOKO TV NGLob With Side-Bangs Lob
The side bangs lob just brings out the queen in you with your neatly bone-structured face to take it to perfection, accentuating your jawline.LOB WITH SIDE BANGS koko tv ngLong Waves
Here’s another style that will never go out of fashion: Long, polished waves with soft layers around the face. The loose curls soften your features and are easier to execute than you’d think.long waves koko tv ngBanged Bob
The perfect hairstyle for your perfect oval face. Let’s go ladies!!!
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