Monday, January 24, 2022

Hair DIY: 5 Easy Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heat

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Natural hair curl 7Flat out straight hair sometimes need some bouncy curl to lock in. The good news is you can curl your hair all by yourself without using heat processes such as curling iron.

Hair curls come in various sizes and the smaller the curl, the tighter they become. smaller curls are longer lasting than the big curls. You don’t need to get new materials to curl your hair at home as you can use household materials to achieve that lovely effect.Natural hair curl 6
1. Old t-shirt style: Your old t-shirts that you intend trashing can come in handy right now.  Rip the fabric into thin strips. Wash your hair and dab till damp. Divide your hair into little sections and then wrap those sections around the material, all the way to the bottom and then tie it down. You can go to bed with this, for tighter curls in the morningNatural hair curl 5
2. Headband for retro curls: This style classy and easy to achieve without curling iron. Get a headband and wear around your wet hair. wrap your hair strands into the band completely, holding loose bits with a pin. leave on till hair is dry. Your retro curls can be styled to your taste.Natural hair curl 4
3. Braiding style: If you need to pack your natural hair, but you still desire some kinky curls, then you can go with the braid style. Part your hair into four sections(or more, for tighter curls) Then divide each part into little sections and the braid, or better still, twist. It is best done at night, so that the curls remain locked in all day.Natural hair curl 3
4. Easy weaves style: This style is best for wave-like curls. it is more obvious on chemically straightened hair. wash you hair and then when damp, make corn rows and the leave to dry. Using your hand to comb through it, style as desired.Natural hair curl 2
5. Flexi-rod style: You can go for the easiest style, which is the one done with flexible rollers that can easily be gotten. Simply wrap tour hair around them and then twist up. You will get your result in a few hours’ time.Natural hair curl 1Photo Credit: Getty

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