Celebrity Beauty: Hafymo Shows Us 5 Stylish Ways To Wear Kimonos During Ramadan

The Ramadan season is upon us ans for the Muslim community it is considered the holiest month of the year where a lot of reverence and honour is given to God. This month of the year is called the conservative month which a lot of Muslimahs hold in high esteem. For a lot of ladies this is not the time to become traditional and also rock boring outfits rather it is the time to get creative with your wardrobe.
Hafymo Shows Us 10 Stylish Ways To Wear Kimonos During Ramadan
Hafymo Shows Us 10 Stylish Ways To Wear Kimonos During Ramadan
A lot of Muslimahs have a specific wardrobe for this time of the year  with their wardrobe featuring longer dresses, free gowns etc. One style that will be featured a lot this period is the kimono. The long flowing Jacket is a very versatile wardrobe piece Muslimahs can transform into a number of styles and can work for a number of functions from work inspiration to Jummat, lectures and iftar gathering s which a lot of them attend this period.Hafymo is one Muslimah who will certainly leave us wowed this period and we can’t wait to dive into her style but before then she is a lover of kimonos and we know she will be rocking a lot of them this period so here 10 stylish ways to rock a kimono according to her wardrobe.

1.The chiffon purple kimono with dramatic sleeves: For this look we are absolutely in love with the sleeves. The stylish muslimah paired the kimono with white skinny jeans and a black bag.

2. Bye bye to boring kimonos this season be a little extra. The two coloured sleeve is paired with a skirt and a white turtle neck and a black purse. This is the perfect look for an Iftar meeting.

3. The floral print kimono: The style blogger paired the kimono with a white hat, white tee and wide legged pants to step out for a day in the town.

4. Blue us all away: The blue kimono is paired with a jeans a nice pair of sneakers. Hafymo finished up the look with a lovely white bag.

5. Ankara Kimono: Ankara kimonos are always a delight to see on fashionable Muslimahs. The style blogger rocked a floor length Ankara kimono and finished the look with a stunning brown bag. This look is the perfect way to step out for Jummah and turn heads.
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