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Why Do Guys Who Have Girlfriends Still Masturbate? Here Are 6 Reasons Why They Do

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So I recently got a mail from a reader who said her partner still masturbates and sought for my advice on the issue because she is considering to cut off the relationship.  Why Do Guys Who Have Girlfriends Still Masturbate?

So my reader narrated her ordeal saying she had caught her boyfriend in the toilet a couple of times masturbating even though she was with him or was spending the weekend over at his place. She said she understood that during NYSC when he does she accepted to him doing it because of the distance between them.
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But now that she’s around it sees no reason why he should still be doing it since they see almost every weekend and almost always have sex. For most women, this could be a massive red flag and lead to the end of that relationship, especially if it’s a serious relationship.
She then asks “Why do guys even masturbate when they have girlfriends with whom they can fulfil their sexual desires?”

Five guys provide answers to this question below;

1. Habit

Some guys have cultivated the act of masturbation into a habit of theirs. They use it as a tension relieves especially for those that work in high-pressure jobs. While some have cultivated it into a habit for nothing more than just self-pleasure, some say it helps them sleep well, while for some it is how they pump themselves up for certain activities.

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Partners That Masturbate

2. Lack Of Strong Enough Sexual Attraction To Their Partner:

Yes, true some partners masturbate when they aren’t sexually attracted to their partners for certain reasons. It might be temporary and permanent some just resent their partner and would rather self-pleasure than engage in intercourse with their partner especially one who doesn’t want to cheat or start another relationship yet.

3. It reduces premature ejaculation

While for some other guys they masturbate to control their sexual desires. Some also use it to control premature ejaculation.

Some guys claim if they don’t have an orgasm for some days, the next time they do have sex they become really sensitive and cum quite fast. Usually too quickly.

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4. Pregnant partner

For some guys how are quite adept to regular sex and have a pregnant partner who isn’t quite as open to pregnant sex, such partners tend to self-pleasure to help stay stable and cool their nerves.

5. Boredom

While for some guys once they’re alone and bored, they go to fun thing is their weenie they give themselves a quick wack to help fix their boredom and loneliness.

6. Long Distance

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A long-distance relationship could be quite difficult to cope with it. Especially if such a couple use to stay together or close to each other having a lot of regular sex it becomes really difficult for some guys to stay celibate until their partner is back. So some guys in the bid not to cheat they wack themselves off so as to stay faithful.

N:B: this isn’t an apology or plea for a guy to become addicted to masturbation. It is quite addictive and could prove dangerous to your health when done excessively. Once every 2 week or 3 weeks is what a doctor would advise. Protect your hairline.

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