Black Excellence: 11 Greatest Black Comedians 

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When it comes to comedy, Blacks have a unique way of passing across their message because of their unique history. The greatest black comedian always stands out because of their amazing delivery and hilarious words, mannerisms.
Greatest Black Comedians
The manner in which they deliver their lines and the scenarios they paint usually tops that of other people, and for this, they definitely deserve the accolades. The ability of Black comedians in the diaspora to draw out hilarious moments, from anything in a very unusual way, is one of the things that make them stand out. So here are the 11 greatest black comedians of all time;

11. Balla Moussa Keïta
One of the kings of comedy in Mali was a Malian actor and comedian. Born a prince, he delved into the entertainment scene where cracking ribs became a natural part of him.

10. Bishop Bob Okala
Samuel Kwadwo Boaben aka Bishop Bob Okala, was a Ghanaian comedian and actor popular for the comic roles he played. He is referred to as the father of comedy in Ghana. And to date, a lot of people still draw inspiration from his works because of course he can be said to be one of the greatest black comedians of all time.
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Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor became a household name because of the unique way he portrayed his comedy. He is one comedian a lot of young comedians look up to and follow in his steps.
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8. Tiffany Haddish
Tiffany Haddish is an American actress, comedian, and author. She is amongst the female comedians who always deliver when she steps on the big stage. For her great acts, she has received a Grammy award amongst other awards and she deserves it all.

7. Debra Wilson
Debra Wilson is another female comedian who deserves a mention. She performs stand-up comedy and writes about her life experiences. Debra shares what she learned about love and marriage in a lighthearted manner, and she is definitely the fav of many.

6. Bernie Mac
Bernard Jeffrey McCullough was an American actor and comedian. Bernie Mac gained popularity as a stand-up comedian. His hilarious words never failed to crack ribs on the big screen. He took stand-up comedy to a whole new level.

5. Trevor Noah
South African comedian Trevor Noah is arguably Africa’s most famous and funniest comedian alive. He is known for his African jokes on race, politics, and apartheid in South Africa. He hosts The Daily Show on CBS,  and he is remarkable.

4. Ali Baba
Known to be the king of comedy in Nigeria, Ali Baba has taken stand-up comedy to a bigger stage. He is the godfather of Nigerian comedy, and he is not just wealthy but has helped a lot of young comedians today. Ali Baba is not only the king of comedy but he is one of the greatest black comedians to ever exist, he is rated as the richest comedian in the continent of Africa.

Arrest Entertainers Who Promote Yahoo Yahoo - Ali Baba To EFCC3. Bill Cosby
He is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author. Known as one of the pioneers of stand-up comedy, he went on to win for himself a Grammy award for the best comedy from 1965 to 1967.

2. Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart is one comedian and actor that is loved by many. He has won more than a dozen awards. Other than his work in films, he has also released three comedy albums, and one of them was nominated for a Grammy. Being a member of the melanated geng, his jokes are always cherished and unique.

1. Eddie Murphy
A guru when it comes to taking comedy to the next level, Eddie Murphy is a talented comedian and actor who can be said to be one of the greatest black comedians of all time. He has several awards accorded to his name including the Golden Globes. His hilarious punch lines in his legendary movies such as Coming To American (1&2), Shriek, the list is endless definitely makes him a king.

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