Lagos State Government Is Behind Agbero Menace – Drivers

The President of the  Joint Drivers Welfare Association of Nigeria Abiodun Akintade has stated that it is almost impossible to get rid of the illegal tax collectors in Lagos, popularly called Agbero, majorly because they have the full support of the government.


Akintade relayed his opinion, in an interview with newsmen in Lagos. The labour leader argues that the ongoing strike embarked upon by the members of his union is extremely important to their livelihood. He stated that there is almost no difference between being on strike or not, because they hardly take any money home, even when they are working.

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Relating the exploitative nature of the Agberos, Akintade maintained that drivers in Lagos are suffering in no small measure, at the hand of these street urchins. He said that his members are forced to path away with their hard-earned money, at every bus stop.

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The Agberos will also beat, injure them, or sometimes even kill them if they refuse to give them the money. He also claims that, although it was bad before, it is now worse, especially under the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Pointing the accusive finger at the Lagos state government, Akintade said that, the boys are fully aware that the state government cannot control, ban, or punish them, which is why they are behaving as if they own the state.

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