Goals!!! George Clooney Gifts 14 Of His Friends $1M Each

Hollywood star George Clooney has taken friendship goals to the next level and we love to see it. The actor gifted 14 of his friends $1m each to celebrate and appreciate them for everything.

George Clooney Gifts 14 Of His Friends $1M EachThe actor opened up on this kind gesture during a sit down interview with GQ magazine where he was named the ‘Icon of Year’.  George Clooney revealed he didn’t have a family then, and he wasn’t yet married. So, instead of saving it, he opted to give it away in cash to his closest friends.

“And I thought, you know, without them I don’t have any of this,” he said of his friends. “And we’re all really close, and I just thought, basically, if I get hit by a bus, they’re all in the will. So why the f**k am I waiting to get hit by a bus?

George Clooney tells GQ’s Zach Baron, that he drove an old van to a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles where “they have giant pallets of cash,” filled luggage with $14 million worth and called his friends over to his home. “And I just held up a map and I just pointed to all the places I got to go in the world and all the things I’ve gotten to see because of them,” he told GQ. “And I said, ‘How do you repay people like that?’ And I said, ‘Oh, well: How about a million bucks?’

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