Go Dramatic With These 5 Aso-Ebi Sleeves In Stunning Style

Yaay! its November and we all know November’s are for Owanbes plus Christmas is just around the corner with just over 40 days to go. You thinking of what Aso-Ebi style to rock for your next Owanbe where you intend to make a bold impression, look no further then we’ve got you covered with our stunning Aso-Ebi style inspos picked off some of your favorite celebrities who just know how to rock those dramatic Aso-Ebi bespoke wears.  Aso Ebi Styles Inspirations For Your Owambes In November

The 5 Aso-Ebi styles to be exhibited in this article have all got one thing in common, which is there stunning dramatic Sleeves, this dramatic Aso-Ebi Sleeves would leave you breathless and as an extra, they were also model by some of your favorites celebrity fashionistas:

  1. Omoni Oboli: Pepper Red With a Chic Aso-Ebi sleeve. 

2. Mercy Aigbe: Mama Aso-Ebi Looks stunning rocking a propeller Sleeves Aso-Ebi.

3. Ceo Luminee: This Is outrageously gorgeous everywhere pepper!

4. Chidima Ekile: Miss Kedike gives us all the sauce with a flowery Aso-Ebi Sleeves style.

5. Kemi “Lala” Akindoju: Simple, small and petite too rocks

Photo Credit: Getty


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